Magpie V2

Made from carbon fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic, Magpie is the most powerful Daedalus Spinning Wheel to date.  More than enough speed/power for the most advanced spinner, yet it can easily be dialed to slow speeds for the beginner. Although the largest in the flock, it's still more portable than a traditional treadle wheel. Our most powerful and adaptable wheel to date, with an RPM (rotations per minute) of 2,350 with the standard flyer in use (1,450 with the art flyer—still worlds ahead of most e-spinners). We consider this our “all in one” spinning wheel, as it will spin fine singles as easily as it will spin your longest locks, super bulky yarn, coils and beehives, and every single yarn you can imagine in between.

  • How to Purchase

    Fill out the Google Form to join the Magpie Queue. To learn more about how our Build Queue works please read over the following two Blogs.

    All About the Queues
    The Now and Future Daedalus

    Cost Breakdown

    • Magpie V2 Body with Speed Controller included - $950
    • Art Flyer and 3 bobbins - $560
    • Standard Flyer and 3 bobbins - $540
    • Standard Bobbin 3 pack (your choice of color) - $140
    • Art Bobbin 3 pack (only available in black) - $160
    • Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT - $23-25

  • What’s Included with Magpie Body

    • Magpie V2 Body
    • Magpie Speed Controller (inserted in the Face of Magpie V2)
    • Foot Pedal attachment
    • Spares Kit (1 extra of each: drive band, Allen key, 1.5 mm Kevlar tension cord, 2 cinches, flyer o-ring set, 4 grommets, and 2 springs)
    • 15vDC 5A wall AC Power Supply (US blade pattern but accepts up to 240vAC)
    • Link to printable online Manual
  • What’s Included with Art Flyer

    • Art Flyer
    • Art Flyer orifice hook
    • 3 Art bobbins with aluminum brake drums*
    • 20 mm orifice reducer
    • 2 High Speed Drive Belts
    • 2 Low Speed Drive Belts
    • 1 spare Rear Bearing

    What’s Included with Standard Flyer

    • Standard Flyer
    • Standard Flyer orifice hook
    • 3 Standard bobbins with aluminum brake drums*
    • 6 mm orifice reducer
    • 2 High Speed Drive Belts
    • 2 Low Speed Drive Belts
    • 1 spare Rear Bearing

    *Magpie Flyer Kits come with 3 all black bobbinsbut you may purchase additional bobbins in the color of your choosing.

  • More About Magpie

    To learn more about the Magpie and to see the manual check the Magpie page.

  • Magpie Instructional Videos

    Check out our videos on YouTube about the Magpie.

  • Daedalus Spinning Wheels LLC will not be responsible

    for any damage or injury incurred from using third party components