Made from carbon fiber and 3D- printed, ABS plastic, the Falcon is a light, Scotch-tensioned electric spinning wheel that is optimized for spinning the finest weights at the absolute highest speeds of any e-spinner on the market — by a wide margin. The Falcon is capable of spinning at 4200 RPM, yet it’s just as comfortable jogging along at 500 RPM. This is a specialty e-spinner created specifically for those who spin thread and cobweb singles on the regular and are looking to do so with the option of production-level speeds.

  • How to Purchase

    These machines are sold in batches in our shop. Once we know a batch is almost ready we will make a post to our Blog to announce the date and time for the Shop Update. We highly recommend subscribing to our blog so you can be notified via email when these announcements are posted. To subscribe visit our blog and click the Log In/Sign Up button. 

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  • Cost Breakdown

    • Falcon (Speed Controller not included and Default Trim is White) - $900
    • Custom Trim Kit (default trim is White)- $25
    • Speed Controller (A Daedalus Speed Controller or Magpie Speed Controller is required to run the wheel) - $125
    • Falcon Bobbin 3 pack (black only) - $90
    • Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT - $23-25
  • What’s Included with Your Falcon

    • Falcon (with White Trim)
    • 3 black bobbins with aluminum brake drums
    • Orifice hook
    • Spares Kit  (3mm allen wrench, 1 axle o-ring, 2 chassis bolts, 2 cinches, 1 drive belt, 3 elastics, 1mm Kevlar tension cord,1 rear bearing, 2 rubber feet, 2 rubber grommets, 2 square nuts, 1 small super glue, and 2 tension springs)
    • 15V DC Power Supply
    • Manual
  • More About Falcon

    To learn more about the Falcon and to see the manual check the Falcon page.

  • Falcon Instructional Videos

    Check out our videos on YouTube about the Falcon.

  • Daedalus Spinning Wheels LLC will not be responsible

    for any damage or injury incurred from using third party components