The Whirligig, a motorized Skeiner/Swift combo, was born out of the need to continually re-skein the yarn used during the extensive Roly-Poly testing. It’s capable of creating two skeins at a time at 1.5 yards or 2 yards. It can skein lace weight skeins as small as 20g through 24 oz,  Bulky yarns up to 1 lb(.5kg), and everything in between. Whether you are breaking cones of yarn into hanks or winding your favorite skeins into balls, the Whirligig is the tool for you.

  • How to Purchase

    Whirligigs are sold in ready-made batches, in a shop update format. An announcement is made on the blog in advance. We highly recommend subscribing to our blog so you can be notified when we make announcements about shop updates. To subscribe head on over to our blog and click the Log In/Sign Up button.

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  • What’s Included with Whirligig

    • Whirligig
    • Drive Belt
    • Rotation Counter
    • 2 mm Allen Wrench
    • 2.5 mm Allen Wrench
    • 3 mm Allen Wrench
    • 15V DC Power Supply
    • Spares (Cup Hooks & Rubber Feet)
    • Assembly/User Manual (will be digital only for the first 2 months)
  • Product Details

    Materials: Carbon Fiber and 3D-printed ABS plastic

    Dimension: 24" W x 28" H (61 W x 71 H cm)

    Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg)

    Skein Capacity: Holds 2 skeins at a time

    Yarn Capacity: Lace weight skeins as small as 20g through 24 oz, Bulky yarns up to 1 lb(.5kg), and everything in between.

    Power Requirements: 15V for the Whirligig (Can Use the Daedalus Battery) and 1 AA for the Rotation Counter(one comes included)

  • More about the Whirligig

    To learn more about the Whirligig and to see the manual check the Whirligig page.

  • Videos

    To see videos of the Whirligig in action check out this YouTube Playlist.