Starling V3/V3FP

Made from carbon fiber and 3D printed ABS plastic, the Starling is a light Scotch or Irish tensioned electric spinning wheel that is optimized for finer weights and higher speeds. With its large motor and bobbin capacity, it is a powerful platform capable of a wide range of spinning tasks. Starling V3FP is the perfect “all around” spinning wheel. Capable of over 2150 rpm, yet Starling is just as comfortable walking and jogging from 300-900 rpm. Swap from Scotch to Irish quickly, when your project needs the extra take up that Irish offers... or use Scotch to keep tension low for the finest yarns. 

  • How to Purchase

    Fill out the Google Form to join the Starling Queue. To learn more about how our Build Queue works please read over the following two Blogs.

    All About the Queues
    The Now and Future Daedalus

  • Cost Breakdown

    • Starling V3FP* (without the speed controller) - $950
    • Speed Controller (A Daedalus Speed Controller or Magpie Speed Controller is required to run the wheel) - $125
    • Starling V3 Bobbin 3 pack (your color choice and pattern) - $125
    • Motor Extension Cable 3 FT or 6 FT - $23-25

    *Starling V3FP price includes your choice of custom trim color. Comes with 3 all black Helios pattern bobbins but you may purchase additional bobbin sets in the color and pattern of your choosing.

  • What’s Included with Starling V3FP

    • Starling V3FP
    • 3 Black Helios pattern bobbins with aluminum brake drums
    • Orifice hook
    • Spares Kit  (1 rear bearing, 2 rubber grommets, 1 cinch, 1 spring, 2 flyer o-rings, 1 small axle o-ring, 1 drive belt, and Kevlar tension cord)
    • 15V DC Power Supply
    • Manual

    *Speed Controller is required but must be purchased separately if you do not already have one for a Daedalus E-Spinner. Speed Controllers are $125.

  • More About Starling V3

    To learn more about the Starling V3 and to see the manual check the Starling V3 page.

  • Starling V3 Instructional Videos

    Check out our videos on YouTube about the Starling V3.

  • Daedalus Spinning Wheels LLC will not be responsible

    for any damage or injury incurred from using third party components