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Daedalus Soft Start/Stop Controller

Daedalus Soft Start/Stop Controller

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 DOES NOT INCLUDE Power Supply. Power Supply comes with your wheel.

The Daedalus Speed Controller works interchangeably with all models of Daedalus wheels. With the exception of Magpie, which houses its controller within the front of its chassis as part of its design, the Speed Controller is a standalone purchase, separate from your e-spinner. If you already have a Daedalus Speed Controller for an existing wheel or you already own a Magpie, you may choose to use the one controller across your growing flock, or you can purchase additional controllers to use specifically with each of your Daedalus wheels. (Please be aware that the Speed Controller will only store the spinning settings for the last wheel it was used with.)

The Daedalus Speed Controller provides highly precise and customizable control based on speeds from 0 to 100%, with programmable incremental increases as low as 1%. It also offers programmable soft start and stop delays, allowing for startup and shut-down times to match your own preferences and your individual projects. For your finest, most consistent laceweight spinning, for instance, you might choose the shortest start delay (to get up and running quickly) but a lengthier, more gentle delay in stopping. Using long delays on that massive plying job you’ve been avoiding helps ensure smoothness in transitions, eliminating backlashing during stopping. Other menu features on our “smart” controllers include minimum and maximum speed limits (providing a top-speed safety net for novice users, for example), and the ability to change the speed adjustment size increment—controlled by pressing Up or Down— from its 1% default up to 2% or even 5%. 

Operating and menu instructions are included with your Speed Controller purchase.

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