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Akerworks AkerKate 4 shaft (Standard) Lazy Kate

Akerworks AkerKate 4 shaft (Standard) Lazy Kate

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This custom-fabricated Lazy Kate by Akerworks consists of a solid piece of hardwood (American Black Cherry, Black Wanlut or Hard Maple) holding four carbon fiber shafts. For the Scrappy Kates please note that do the nature of their construction each one is unique.

The AkerKate accommodates up to four jumbo bobbins as large as 4.75" (121mm) diameter and 6.75" (171mm) tall. This AkerKate is ideal to be used with our SparrowMagpieStarling V3Starling V3FPStarling V1/V2 Mini, and Falcon

The AkerKate is a tensioned Kate: each bobbin's spin may be individually tensioned using patented TensiTamers (US Patent #10427850) on each shaft. This is a special device that provides adjustable braking tension to the bobbin. These TensiTamers can also be used as a yarn guide if desired. Four are provided with each Kate and can be stored on board the Kate when not in use.

Each AkerKate comes with a protective slipcover-style sleeve made of durable canvas duck.

Overall Dimensions: 4.9" x 13.1" x 1" (125mm x 332mm x 25mm)
Weight: ~26oz (740g). This value ranges a bit, depending on the specific piece of wood.

We celebrate the infinite variety of natural wood grain - your AkerKate's wood will have its own unique patterning and may include variations in color and character.

All Akerworks products are made by our dear friends at Akerworks. For more information about this and other Akerworks products check out their website.

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