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Akerworks Flat-Pack Yarn Caddy & Standard ClampyKate Kit

Akerworks Flat-Pack Yarn Caddy & Standard ClampyKate Kit

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This kit includes one Flat-Pack Yarn Caddy, one ClampyKate, and two TensiTamers. Yarn Caddies are Black Honeycomb.

The Akerworks ClampyKate is a super versatile mount-anywhere single-shaft tensioned Lazy Kate. The 7-3/8" (187mm) long carbon fiber shaft and aluminum alloy base are both light and strong. The included TensiTamer, patented rubber tensioning device, allows you to dial in just the right amount of bobbin tension. The adjustable pivot offers 45° angle increment shaft positioning. The ClampyKate can clamp, with non-marring rubber pads, onto any surface up to 2⅛” (54mm) thick: tables, doors, chair backs, whatever!

This Akerworks Standard ClampyKate is ideal for Sparrow, Magpie, Starling V3, Starling V3FP, Starling V1/V2 Mini, and Falcon.

All Akerworks products are made by our dear friends at Akerworks. For more information about this and other Akerworks products check out their website.
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