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Starling V3/V3FP Accessories

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Accessories for the Starling V3 and V3FP

Drive Belt - made of US-made polyurethane
Hook Tool - made of galvanized steel
Guides - 3D printed and galvanized steel
V3 Tension Kit - includes Rat Tail tension cord, a spring, and a 3D printed cinch
V3FP Tension Kit - includes 1.5mm Kevlar tension cord, a spring, and a 3D printed cinch (kevlar can only be used on aluminum drums)
Rear Bearings, 2 pk - includes two Rear Bearings that fit on the back of your flyer’s axle
Orifice Reducer - 3D printed with 6 mm orifice
Flyer O-rings, 2 pk - includes two Flyer O-rings, which are used on either side of your flyer’s Maiden bearing

Selecting Color:

You can specify your color of choice for 3D printed parts of accessories via the notes within your order. If no color is noted, your parts will be printed in black.